Affymetrix Announces Expansion of QuantiGene® ViewRNA License for in vitro Diagnostics and Becomes Exclusive Licensee for Chromogenic Applications

(NASDAQ: AFFX) today announced the expansion of its license agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for the company’s branched DNA (bDNA) technology whereby Affymetrix is the exclusive licensee for products, including diagnostics. This expanded license grants Affymetrix rights to develop and sell products, currently for research use only, in the diagnostic market. Additionally, this license includes exclusive rights to alkaline phosphatase conjugated oligonucleotides and their use in bDNA methods for detection utilizing Fast Red substrates. In light of this expanded license, along with existing technology and other recently announced collaborations, such as , , and , Affymetrix plans to commercialize a platform of total solutions involving an assay menu of chromogenic-based applications of the bDNA technology which provide highly sensitive, multiplex analyses in both brightfield (CISH) and fluorescence (FISH) microscopy and options for automation.

“This agreement provides Affymetrix with an important opportunity to enable clinical researchers and pathologists using advanced histo-staining techniques to combine the anatomical analysis with a molecular-level understanding. Advanced RNA hybridization methods applied to formalin fixed paraffin-embedded [FFPE], fine-needle aspirates [FNAs], and other clinical samples have the potential of becoming powerful new tools to translate biomarker signatures to diagnostics that enable clinicians to personalize patient care,” stated George Bers, Vice President and General Manager of Gene Expression Business Unit - Panomics at Affymetrix. “These predictable, two-plex, highly-sensitive and specific chromogenic assays help move the analysis to the next level by literally analyzing any expressed gene at the single transcript per single cell level.”

Affymetrix currently offers a broad range of bDNA technology based assays, including QuantiGene, QuantiGene Plex, and QuantiGene ViewRNA, for single and multiplex tissue, cellular, and direct-from-sample, quantitative RNA and DNA copy number variation analyses. These assays are used for biomarker discovery and validation applications in drug discovery, early phase clinical trials, pathology, translational sciences, and cancer research as well as other disease-related research.

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