Novogen is an Australian drug-development company listed on NASDAQ ( NVGN) and the Australian Securities Exchange (NRT). The Novogen group includes the US- based, Cantx Inc which is a joint venture with Yale University.

There are 2 drug technology platforms – the super-benzopyrans ( SBPs) and the anti-tropomyocins ( ATMs)

The SBPs kill the cancer stem cells. The target is a trans-membrane electron-transfer pump mechanism oncogene which is common to all cancer cells. If cancer stem cells are not killed, a cancer will return.

The ATMs target the cancer cell's cytoskeleton and have been designed to vastly increase the efficacy of current chemotherapy drugs such as the taxanes and vinca-alkaloids. These combine to cause the fatal destruction of the cancer cell cytoskeleton.

Four developmental drugs are scheduled for clinical trials in 2015/16:

The Company's pipeline comprises 3 SBPs:   TRXE-002 ( Ovarian Cancer and Malignant Ascites), TRXE-009 ( Brain Cancer and Melanoma) and TRXE-0025 for Prostate cancer.

Anisina is the ATM being tested in neuroblastoma in children.

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