Eyenovia Biopharma Signs Exclusive Asia License and Development Agreement for Ophthalmic Therapeutics Based on Proprietary Microdrops Technology

Eyenovia Biopharma Signs Exclusive Asia License and Development Agreement for Ophthalmic Therapeutics Based on Proprietary Microdrops Technology

Eyenovia's Smart Microdose Technology Targets the $19Bn Global Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Market With a Portfolio of Microdrops of Existing and New Formulations With Improved Therapeutic Profile

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - April 15, 2015) - Eyenovia, Inc. ("Eyenovia"), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company building an ophthalmic portfolio of microdosed therapeutics, today announced the signing of an exclusive license and development agreement with Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Senju"), a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in Asia with strong experience in developing and commercializing novel ophthalmic drugs.

Under the terms of the development partnership agreement, Senju acquires the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize microdosed therapeutics in Japan and the rest of Asia, the fastest growing ophthalmic drug market in the world. In addition to the licensing agreement, Senju is also joining the Series A investment syndicate alongside Private Medical Equity, Eshelman Ventures and Mario Family Partners. Senju will also assume responsibility for all Asia R&D activities.

Eyenovia has developed clinical-stage technology for microdosing of ophthalmic medications which can significantly improve bioavailability, efficacy and safety of many existing drugs without the need for chemical reformulation. The Eyenovia "smart" piezoelectric delivery system provides high-precision, high-adhesion ocular surface coating along with electronic compliance monitoring and mobile digital eye health functions for superior treatment approaches in eye care.

"This is a great partnership for Eyenovia and we are pleased that Senju, one of Japan's premier specialty pharmaceutical companies, has recognized the potential of Eyenovia's transformative technology and has committed to spearheading the development of the Asia market," said Fred Eshelman, Chairman of Eyenovia.

About Eyenovia

Eyenovia, Inc. is a specialty biopharmaceutical company building a portfolio of next generation eye therapies based on its proprietary delivery and formulation platform for microdosed therapies. Founded by a team of experienced pharmaceutical executives, Eyenovia is pursuing direct-to-market global development strategy for established and approved ophthalmic formulations for glaucoma, allergic eye disease, dry eye and other eye diseases, which can be greatly optimized with Eyenovia's ophthalmic microdrops technology. For more information, visit www.eyenoviabio.com.

About Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a Japanese specialty pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in the Asia ophthalmic market, under the leadership of President Yukoh Yoshida. The company's productive R&D pipeline has originated a number of leading ophthalmic pharmaceuticals both in the US and Asia. For more information, visit www.senju.co.jp.

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