BioNano Genomics Announces Addition of Gene Company as China Mainland and HK/Macau Distributor

SAN DIEGO, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BioNano Genomics, Inc., the leader in genome mapping, announced today the selection of a new distributor, Gene Company, one of the premier life science instrumentation distributors for China, to further expand the distributorship of the Irys® System. In this agreement, Gene Company covers distribution for mainland China (excluding Shanghai), with exclusive rights in Hong Kong and Macau. With the signing of this agreement, BioNano Genomics continues to strengthen its presence as a global company, providing worldwide access to the Irys System for genomics researchers to complete genomes and study structural variation and complex genomic rearrangements.

"China has seen impressive growth in the area of genomic research within the last several years, and BioNano is seeing a positive impact on its business in the region, " said Erik Holmlin, Ph.D., president and CEO of BioNano Genomics. "I am excited about the addition of BioNano's Irys System to Gene Company's portfolio of solutions to allow researchers to fully access the genome."

"We also recently appointed Mr. Landri Lim, based in Singapore, to head our commercial efforts in Asia, highlighting how much this region means to the success of BioNano's future," added Dr. Holmlin.

Dr. Cheung To, president of Gene Company Limited, said, "We are excited to become BioNano's distributor in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Researchers have been limited to the output that short read sequencing technologies can provide where they must stitch short fragments together using algorithms, while missing large and complex forms of structural variation. Our hope is to readily provide BioNano's Irys System for genome mapping alongside other platforms we carry, such as the long read technology from Pacific Biosciences and many array technologies. We look forward to bringing these synergistic innovative technologies to the research community in the region."

The power of BioNano's Irys System for genome mapping was demonstrated in a recent study published in Nature Methods, in which researchers combined mapping on the Irys System with single molecule sequencing to obtain a reference quality human genome without cloning steps.

About Gene Company Limited

Gene Company Limited (Gene Company) was incorporated in 1992, headquartered in Hong Kong, and has established presences in 18 major cities in P.R. China. Over the years of development, Gene Company is regarded as one of the largest distribution networks in China and established a solid and highly loyal customer base, constituting renowned research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Gene Company has also successfully become one of the major research product suppliers to key genomics, proteomics, biochip and stem cell research centers. More information about Gene Company can be found by visiting

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Headquartered in San Diego, BioNano Genomics is delivering an altogether better way of gaining a fully informed understanding of genomes. The Company's platform provides researchers and clinicians the most comprehensive, organized and actionable structure of a genome with unprecedented insights into how the individual components of genomes are ordered, arranged, and interact with each other. BioNano Genomics works with institutions in life science, translational research, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine. The Company is supported by private investors and grant funding from genomics programs at federal agencies, including the NIH and NIST-ATP.

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