ASLAN Pharmaceuticals announces positive phase 1 results with ASLAN002

Singapore, 16 March 2015 – ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd today announced the results of a phase 1 clinical trial with ASLAN002 (BMS-777607), a potent small-molecule dual inhibitor of the cMET receptor tyrosine kinase and RON immune checkpoint. ASLAN002 was dose escalated in 39 solid tumour patients for a minimum of 28 days as both once daily and twice daily dose regimens. The drug was safe and well-tolerated at all doses tested and resulted in long term stable disease and partial responses in selected tumour types. In addition, ASLAN002 showed potent inhibition of plasma biomarkers of RON activity. ASLAN002 was originally discovered by Bristol-Myers Squibb Inc and licensed to ASLAN in 2011.

"Dual antagonism of cMET and RON has tremendous therapeutic potential. It will inhibit tumour cell proliferation and survival via cMET, as well as clear metastatic tumours via RON inhibition on tissue macrophages, which results in induction of tumour specific cytotoxic killer CD8+ T-cells" said Dr Mark McHale, ASLAN's Chief Operating Officer. "In the future, ASLAN002 could be used to treat selected patients with gastric cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer and breast cancer."

The phase 1, open-label, multicentre study was conducted in Australia and will be progressed into phase 2 initially in highly selected patient populations in gastric cancer at centres in Asia Pacific.


ASLAN Pharmaceuticals is an oncology-focused biotechnology company developing a portfolio of high-value, differentiated clinical programs. Led by a highly experienced management team with global pharmaceutical expertise, ASLAN is headquartered in Asia with a platform which reaches across the region via its offices in Singapore and Taiwan, enabling the Company to conduct and support regional clinical development programs. The Company's proprietary pipeline of 4 development-stage candidates addresses multiple indications including gastric and breast cancers.

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