EpiVax, Novozymes fuse drug, delivery protein with $3B market at hand

EpiVax and Novozymes have joined forces, attaching an autoimmune drug to a delivery protein--and by doing so the companies hope to carve themselves a $3 billion piece out of the global autoimmune market. EpiVax's drugs, Tregitopes, are capable of "switching off the immune system" to combat diseases like Type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, according to a report in inPharmatechnologist.com. By combining them with Novozymes' egg-protein-based delivery vehicle, the companies hope to extend the effective range of the drugs by up to 20 days. The delivery platform increases the half-life of EpiVax's treatment with a link to a gene in Novozymes' albumin protein, an effort that is currently in preclinical testing. Story