Blend Therapeutics receives $21M in Series B round

Blend Therapeutics announced that it has received $21 million in new financing via a Series B venture round, as well as debt financing from an institutional investment firm to advance its Pentarin biologic drug conjugates. "We look forward to conducting IND-enabling studies to advance our lead Pentarin drug program BTP-277 and completing IND enabling studies of our novel, personalized cisplatin, BTP-114, from our long-standing R&D in platinum drugs," said Richard Wooster, president of research and development of Blend. "Pentarins are an entirely new class of biologic drug conjugates specifically designed for solid tumors, and represent a significant advance in the field since the first development of antibody drug conjugates 35 years ago. We have created Pentarins to have a unique structure, miniaturization and nanoparticle encapsulation that enable the selective targeting of cancer cells and unprecedented penetration deep into tumor tissue, with the aim to improve the treatment of solid tumor cancers for patients." Release