Pfizer's abrocitinib, a JAK1-specific inhibitor, has met all co-primary and key secondary endpoints in a late-stage eczema study.

Pharma is the fourth-largest spender on TV ads in the U.S., with $6.6 billion spent over the past year, says annual study.

Now that the Trump administration's made its prices-in-TV-ads move official, the industry's response ranges from challenging to cheering.

A handful of branded drug ads are using popular ‘70s light rock songs, both to aid recall and to reach older audiences with music from their youth.

J&J’s commissioned film about the early days of the AIDS epidemic is set to attract a wider audience, thanks to a Verizon Media distribution deal.

After failing as a monotherapy in recurrent glioblastoma, Opdivo plus radiation fell short in newly diagnosed patients.

It’s official. HHS will require pharma companies to include list prices in TV ads—and the industry will have just over two months to do it.

Epidiolex posted sales more than twice what was expected in Q1, but thanks to some "unusual launch dynamics," the numbers could slow.