When an itch is more than just an itch: Sanofi, Regeneron debut new atopic dermatitis awareness campaign

Dupixent package
Sanofi and Regeneron's atopic dermatitis drug Dupixent won approval in the spring, and now the two companies have launched an awareness campaign highlighting the condition.

Atopic dermatitis awareness is again at the center of a Sanofi and Regeneron skin health campaign.

The new “Eczema Exposed” TV ad follows a young woman through her day as the condition gets in the way of daily life. She opts out of plans and wears a sweater even though it's warm outside, but insists that “it’s fine.”

A friend finally suggests maybe it could be more than just eczema, possibly atopic dermatitis.

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This is the second atopic awareness campaign for Sanofi and Regeneron in recent weeks. It partnered last month with director Peter Moffat and the National Eczema Association for an online disease awareness campaign called “Understand AD: A Day in the Life.”

The disease awareness marketing comes 8 months after Sanofi and Regeneron snagged FDA approval for Dupixent, the first biologic approved to treat moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. Dupixent, also known as dupilumab, is the first drug to inhibit the IL-4 and IL-13 immune system pathways—and the first new treatment in years for atopic dermatitis, a severe form of eczema that can be debilitating for patients.

The drug is expected to hit $3 billion-plus in sales in its current approved indication but has the potential for billions more as a treatment for asthma, severe nasal allergies and more. Sanofi and Regeneron recently reported positive results in reducing the frequency of asthma attacks for Dupixent in phase 3 trial of patients with uncontrolled, persistent asthma.

Sanofi expects to apply to the FDA for the asthma indication by the end of this year, with one analyst forecasting an added $2.5 billion in sales for that indication.

The expensive injectable—launched at a price tag of $37,000—faces competition on the horizon from AbbVie, whose candidate recently hit its goals in phase 2b. In asthma, it faces another possible threat from AstraZeneca and Amgen's experimental drug.