Sanofi, MannKind say cutting insulin costs will make Afrezza more competitive

MannKind COO Hakan Edstrom

With an FDA approval, a partnership with Sanofi ($SNY) and its tiny inhaler device in hand, MannKind ($MNKD) is gearing up to sell its Afrezza diabetes treatment in the U.S. But facing tough competitors, like Novo Nordisk's ($NVO) NovoLog from and Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Humalog, the pair are looking for whatever sales advantage they can find. And they think they have one. If they get insulin from Sanofi approved for use in Afrezza, it will cut costs, giving reps something to talk about and fattening the bottom line for both companies, MannKind COO Hakan Edstrom told investors last week. "That makes a significant difference and certainly makes our product even more competitive on the cost basis and particularly in the global market place where pricing are a little bit more say compressed than it is in the U.S." Story | More

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