The new multiple sclerosis med Roche has been anticipating—and the market shake-up other drugmakers have been dreading—is here.

Even as Pfizer’s vaccine outfit suffers a painful Prevnar 13 slowdown around the world, the group may soon get a boost in Europe.

After a failed serelaxin trial, Novartis has to tear up sales estimates it hinted at in January, leaving Entresto to carry the load in heart failure—if it can…

Pfizer and Merck KGaA are officially fourth to market with their checkpoint inhibitor avelumab—but first with to target a rare, aggressive form of skin cancer.

The PCSK9 cholesterol drugs got top billing at the American College of Cardiology meeting this year, but that doesn’t mean other studies didn’t rate.

AstraZeneca’s Lynparza honed its edge in ovarian cancer on Tuesday, just in time to help preserve its lead in the marketplace.

​​​​​​​Add Pfizer to the list of the companies facing a governmental investigation about its ties to copay assistance charities.

A new FDA rule that would govern off-label marketing has drugmakers in a minor tizzy—and they're demanding that the agency set its change aside.