Pfizer seeks the next big idea in healthy aging with Indiegogo partner promotion


Pfizer is looking for a few “old” ideas. In a first for pharma companies, Pfizer has partnered with crowdfunder Indiegogo to gather new ideas about healthy aging as part of its “Get Old” campaign.

The contest is open to anyone with health and wellness ideas for products or services related to improving lives as people age and making a difference in body, mind or spirit. Submissions will be gathered until June 28 and then narrowed down to four. Those four will be featured on Pfizer’s corporate and Get Old web sites and voted on by the 400,000 members of that community to narrow down to two. Pfizer will then choose the winner, who will receive $50,000 and the chance to meet with Pfizer experts to help bring the idea to reality.

“Crowdfunding has made it possible to bring entrepreneurs the resources they need to provide life-changing innovations to people around the world. We have partnered with Indiegogo in the hopes of discovering and developing the next big idea in healthy aging--and raising more awareness about the importance of living healthy at every age,” Sally Susman, Pfizer’s executive vice president of corporate affairs, told FiercePharmaMarketing in an email interview.


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Although there will be just one winner, Pfizer anticipates that the publicity and exposure could potentially drive separate crowdfunding for some of the other projects.

The Get Old initiative began in 2014 as a Pfizer campaign to challenge misperceptions and stereotypes about aging and promote new ideas, content and perceptions around healthy aging.

- here's the press release
- see the campaign submission page

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