Organon gives staff the day off for International Women's Day to focus on their health

Merck women's health spinoff Organon is wishing its employees a happy International Women’s Day with a paid day off in the hopes women will use the day to focus on their own health in whatever way that suits—be that booking much needed doctors' appointments or having a rest day binging the new season of "Ozark."

Organon announced the initiative Feb. 2 with a microsite focused on the initiative asking employees how they plan to use the day in relation to their health, or that of a loved one. It’s the same call for answers method as its earlier campaign on the Here for Her Health website on what areas in women’s health are overlooked. CEO Kevin Ali also penned an open letter in The Wall Street Journal encouraging other companies to offer a similar initiative.

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“We'd like to see other businesses, advocates, influencers, etc. take note of this and do something in their own company, so that it becomes much more of a focus externally where women are benefiting from this,” Chief Communications Officer Wendy Lund said. COVID-19 has only intensified the health inequities between the sexes with women reportedly feeling more burned out than ever. The problem, however, stretches back to before the pandemic with a 2015 survey reporting a staggering 78% of women admitted to ignoring their own healthcare needs to focus on taking care of their families.

Organon is hoping this initiative, in partnership with HealthyWomen and The Female Lead, will send the message out and inspire women to focus on their own healthcare needs.

“We want women around the world, in markets around the world, to be able to just take that deep breath and say, 'OK, I'm going to prioritize my health. I'm going to do it every day, not just on March 8,'” said Lund.

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Organon, Merck’s women’s health spinoff, launched in June 2021 with a leg up in the business holding a portfolio of more than 60 products and an international workforce of 9,500 employees internationally. Its feature product is Nexplanon, a long-acting, reversible birth control implant. Organon also produces hormone-based birth control device NuvaRing.