Mylan hopes Disney can add new magic to its allergy-fighting kingdom

Got children with potentially life-threatening allergies? Mylan ($MYL)--and Disney ($DIS)--want to help with that.

The pair has teamed up to launch, a website that aims to help families avoid allergic triggers and prep them in case of anaphylaxis. Mylan and Disney will update the website each month with new content, including tips and tricks for newly diagnosed patients, recipes, blog posts from moms, and crafts and projects geared toward children with severe allergies.

Disney and Mylan will also be releasing a children's story book and cookbook, and the annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival this year will feature food allergy-friendly programming, they said.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch

It's familiar territory for Mylan, whose EpiPen epinephrine injection has been ruling the market for more than two decades. The way the company sees it, its "expertise coupled with the magic of Disney storytelling can help support families managing severe allergies in an effective and engaging way," CEO Heather Bresch said in a statement.

Recently, though, the company has stepped up its marketing efforts in the face of some new competition. In 2013, Sanofi ($SNY) brought rival Auvi-Q to market, a rectangle-shaped product that issues automated voice instructions to help users with injections.

And Mylan has turned to Disney more than once to do that. Last November, Mylan said EpiPen locations would roll out at Disney parks and aboard cruise ships, with Disney updating its guide maps to include the EpiPen Auto-Injector symbol.

Mylan isn't the only pharma to tap the magic-making company for help getting its message out to parents and children, either. Last month, Eli Lilly ($LLY) added to its growing collection of kid-friendly diabetes materials with a new book about Coco, a monkey with Type 1 diabetes.

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