Klick boosts marketing services with new in-house studio, social influencer division

Healthcare marketing agency Klick Health is kicking off a series of new offerings as it looks to double down on its recent geographic expansion.

These include Klick Brands, a health-centric brand and design offering, and Studio K, an in-house broadcast and production facility, and it looks to bolster its scope.

And that’s not all: It’s also diving deeper into the celebrity of the social media world with Klick Influencer, a team geared specifically toward managing and producing social media influencers.

The news comes on the heels of the company’s recent global expansion announcement, which aims to support life science companies across the pharma and healthcare marketing industry. The Toronto- and New York-based agency plans to open seven new offices worldwide. “Klick is announcing a series of senior creative and production hires as we continue to experience exponential growth and evolve in exciting, new ways,” Klick Chief Creative Officer Rich Levy told Fierce Pharma Marketing in an interview.  

“Today’s news highlights Klick’s ongoing growth, skyrocketing integrated content business, and focus on supporting life sciences companies across all their healthcare marketing, corporate identity and content needs.”

Beyond Klick’s health-centric approach, the marketing team is passionate about delivering usable content that helps patients and their loved ones.

“We all come from diverse professional backgrounds—strategy, medical, and design—yet we share a desire to build brands with more dimension,” added Gina Nasuti, director of brand strategy at Klick. “We want them to have a pulse. We want them to feel real, familiar and creatively sticky. We are bringing all these people together to tell better brand stories, build a sense of community and, ultimately, create more trust in a brand.”

Specifically, Studio K, located in the Toronto headquarters, has the technical design and flexibility to create fully stacked productions: broadcast, video, stills, experiential assets, behind the scenes, soundbites, audio, influencer, social and emerging content types. Studio K recently expanded the Production Business Affairs team, which includes content ownership, global creative logistics, distribution, casting and more.

Laura Denham, senior vice president and executive creative producer at Klick, calls Studio K the “Swiss Army knife” of production because it allows the team to handle the day-to-day content internally.

“Studio K allows us to be incredibly nimble,” she added. “Every aspect of this new production space was strategically designed for creating in-house content that stretches value for clients.”

The brand is also welcoming its new social strategy team dedicated to influencer creativity for any health condition. The marketing group handles everything from influencer outreach and management to moderation and analytics. Influencer management, or creator management, is critical in modern social media marketing, according to Klick’s senior vice president of social strategy, Brad Einarsen.

Influencers often gain the audience’s trust because they are a third-party voice talking about a brand. Therefore, many people compare influencer opinions to getting advice from a friend—unbiased and valuable. However, Klick’s team knows the importance of guiding the conversation in pharma to make sure that the content produced follows FDA guidelines. 

“Klick Influence aims to play a pivotal role in this sector,” Einarsen said. “We focus on the nano to macro influencer groups as they have both their own audience and that authentic voice. We select our Influencer groups very carefully, we brief them and we manage them throughout the relationship in order to make sure that they remain both authentic and compliant.”

The Klick team says now is the perfect time to be expanding its services, as people are prioritizing their health and well-being more than ever. Following the pandemic, Levy notes a shift in the marketing industry as business booms.

“New clients are coming to us, existing clients continue to work with us, and with growth comes the need for expansion,” he said. 

“We’re adding to our full-service capabilities and introducing a new standard of design and aesthetics for life sciences companies. Klick Brands is inspired by the human condition to help brands become more relevant and evolve. We help our clients build lasting brand legacies that resonate with people for years to come,” said Jay Schacher, vice president and group design director at Klick.