Ketchum offers new trauma consulting service amid a changing world

Comms agency Ketchum is for the first time running a new team of trauma specialists to provide trauma-informed trainings, client counsel and communications services.

The agency, part of the Omnicom Public Relations Group and runs comms for healthcare and many other industries, is launching its Trauma-Informed Consultancy client offering under the leadership of several trauma experts with experience across public health, law, psychology, social work and medicine.

This team, led by Michelle Baker, executive vice president and managing director for corporate strategic initiatives and public health, includes Ketchum specialists with sector expertise in corporate reputation, DE&I, internal communications, public health, health equity and analytics.

The idea is to have medical marketers create a deeper sense of empathy with clients by showing they understand the full effects different traumas can have and aim to help. It’s also doing this internally, with trauma counselors in-house to help Ketchum employees.  

“From the pandemic to acts of violence and hate against marginalized communities, women’s and LGBTQ+ rights issues and much more, the news has been volatile, disturbing and nonstop over the last few years,” said Jim Joseph, Ketchum's U.S. CEO, in a press release.

“Markets, businesses, governments and communities must address the repercussions of the collective trauma of recent events. We see a clear need to support our clients as they are looking for resources to respond to traumatic events, as well as address the effect it has on their own workforces.”

This new consultancy is the latest in a series of corporate offerings that includes Health Equity, also headed by Baker.