Grab a bracket, pick your favorite drug names and get ready to dance: FierceMadness is here!

The 2015 Drug Name Tournament official bracket.

Voting has closed for this round. Weigh in on Round 2 >>

It's that time of year again--the time when madness of the March variety seeps into homes and offices across America and friends, families, neighbors and colleagues face off in the ultimate challenge. Pools are formed, bets are placed, and picks are submitted, all in search of that ever-elusive perfect bracket.


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We're not exempt here at FiercePharmaMarketing, and we've got our own brackets underway and ready for tipoff. Only, around here, there's nary a wildcat, badger or blue devil to be found. Instead, we're eyeing a 5-12 matchup between Gilotrif and Cyramza, top-seeded-yet-vulnerable Vimizim, and tiny Rytary, which could just make a Cinderella run.

That's right--we've taken 68 recently launched drugs and squared them off against one another to determine which will walk away with this year's tournament title, and--in the spirit of the randomness that so often characterizes the NCAA's Big Dance--we're doing it based on drug name alone. 

And that's where you come in. Grab and fill out our printable bracket, check out the matchups, and scroll on down to vote below on which drug names you like the best. Check back every day to vote in each round and see which meds advance, all the way up through April 8 when we'll crown our FierceMadness 2015 Drug Name Tournament champion. And please--feel free to send us the rationale (or lack thereof) behind your choices.

Good luck!

-- Carly Helfand (email | Twitter) and Damian Garde (email | Twitter)

Round 1

No. 16 Bexsero vs. No. 16 Trumenba

Maker: GlaxoSmithKline
Indication: Meningitis B
Sounds like: An ancient, mythical sword

Maker: Pfizer
Indication: Meningitis B
Sounds like: One of Cinderella's stepsisters

No. 11 Otezla vs. No. 11 Cosentyx

Maker: Celgene
Indication: Psoriasis
Sounds like: A lost cousin of the Jetson family

Maker: Novartis
Indication: Psoriasis
Sounds like: A friendly prehistoric bird

No. 16 Contrave vs. No. 16 Saxenda

Makers: Takeda and Orexigen
Indication: Obesity
Sounds like: A high-quality diamond cut that only a trained eye can spot

Maker: Novo Nordisk
Indication: Obesity
Sounds like: A distant relative of our coworker Varun

No. 11 Keytruda vs. No. 11 Opdivo

Maker: Merck
Indication: Cancer
Sounds like: An unwanted visitor impervious to locks

Maker: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Indication: Cancer
Sounds like: A covert action led by Mark Mothersbaugh



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