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Drug development gets a lot of attention in this business. New products are must-haves, after all. And who doesn't want to talk about science that could save lives? But few drugs sell themselves, and drugs have to sell to pay for all that sexy research.

So, FiercePharmaMarketing is now here to talk exclusively about the commercial side of pharma. We won't lack for subjects. Drug marketing and sales have changed radically over the past decade, with sales forces a fraction of their former size and much more likely to focus on specialized drugs than mass-market blockbusters.

Just as it has in other industries, technology has upended the way companies work, from e-detailing with doctors to iPad-based sales calls to social media to Big Data number-crunching. Drugmakers face stepped-up scrutiny of their marketing tactics: off-label settlements with the feds, Sunshine Act disclosure of physician payments, corruption probes in China. Payers are tougher than ever, and in the U.S., promise to grow even tougher as drug prices rise to the stratosphere.

We'll cover all the news and trends here at FiercePharmaMarketing every Wednesday and feature the people who are making it happen. We welcome your input. Send me story ideas at [email protected], or get in touch on Twitter (@TracyStaton) or LinkedIn. We look forward to the conversation.

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