Clinton to drugmakers: Explain your prices; New amicus briefs for Amarin against FDA;

> Former President Bill Clinton had some advice for drugmakers at the BIO meeting Monday: He urged the industry to "explain, explain, explain" the reasons why Americans pay so much more for drugs than other health systems do. Report

> Sanofi ($SNY) won European approval to market Gardasil 9, the new version of the human papillomavirus vaccine the French drugmaker markets along with Merck & Co ($MRK). Report

> Amicus briefs are piling up in Amarin's ($AMRN) lawsuit against the FDA, which claims its off-label marketing plans should be covered by the First Amendment. Report

> Growth in Africa's pharma market makes the continent the only place where genuinely high growth is still achievable, McKinsey analysts say; they predict sales there will climb toward $65 billion by 2020 from $20.8 billion in 2013. Report

And Finally... FitBit's fitness trackers face threats on all sides, but the company can learn some lessons from BlackBerry's ($BBRY) travails. Report