Moments matter in Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb's latest pitch for afib awareness

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Atrial fibrillation awareness and a risk of stroke that can impact lives in a "matter of moments" is the theme of the newest Bristol-Myers Squibb-Pfizer Alliance campaign. (Connor Wells/Unsplash)

Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb are taking on atrial fibrillation again with a new awareness campaign. Called “Matter of Moments,” the multichannel effort looks to raise awareness about the connection between afib and stroke risk, as well as to highlight the importance of diagnosis for older Americans.

A Pfizer spokesperson said the initiative will be multiyear and the company will seek to work with physicians and advocacy organizations in getting the word out. So far since launch this month, Matter of Moments content has run on social media and on both Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s websites. The new campaign comes on the heels of other BMS-Pfizer Alliance afib awareness efforts, including last year’s iHeartMedia partnership, “Tune Into AFib.”

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“Just as the lives of those affected by afib-related stroke, and those of their family and friends, may be impacted in a matter of moments, so, too, can afib be detected as part of routine medical care,” the Pfizer spokesperson said via email.

BMS and Pfizer’s Eliquis has quickly climbed to the top of the novel oral anticoagulant drug list. Although it was third to market behind Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto and Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa, Eliquis grabbed the market share lead in 2017.

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The blockbuster is now giving old-school leader warfarin a run for its money, BMS reported this summer. But it's still on the upswing and far from its peak sales estimate, analysts say. Evaluate Pharma has predicted Eliquis sales will top $11.3 billion by 2024, which is nearly double the $5.8 billion projected for Xarelto.

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