And the #FierceMadness winner is ...

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It was a hard-fought battle between heavyweights for the #FierceMadness crown. For two tense days, the lead swung back and forth between contenders, with the tournament title hanging in the balance. Heading into the final day of voting, Trulicity boasted a hefty lead. Could top-seeded Vimizim claw its way back to the top to snatch the 2015 Drug Name Tournament championship? Which drug would bring home the glory?

In the end, despite sounding like "a social media site" and "a synthesis of truth and duplicity," Trulicity fell, 6,783-4,881, bested by early-favorite Vimizim in a rollicking final.

What made the difference? Readers said Vimizim sounded like "a ride at an amusement park that I want to catch," "the name of a classy, sophisticated cocktail" and "a man's drug that'll grow hair on your chest." It "rhymes with optimism ... well almost," according to one voter, and another, focused more on aesthetics than sonorousness, pointed out that Vimizim is "all straight lines--looks sharp!" As for its rival, "try chanting 'Tru-li-ci-ty' in an amphitheater full of people," a reader warned. "You'll never get an encore. 'Vim-i-zim!' 'Vim-i-zim!' 'Vim-i-zim!'"

Trulicity's problem, perhaps, was coming "a little too close to 'Felicity' for comfort," said another voter. "I'm not sure 20-something drama TV is the appropriate well for drug names. What's next, Aldawsonscreek?" Finally, per one warm-hearted supporter, "approved on Feb. 14, the V in Vimizim stands for love." ("Love," of course, begins with an L, but who are we to question the emotions of a competitor mid-celebration?)

It's been a wild ride, and we'd like to extend our thanks to all who voted. This win is for you. Cherish it. In the immortal words of Luther Vandross, "it's more than a contest; it's more than a raaaaaace...."

Speaking of Luther Vandross, you can relive all the magic of the 2015 Drug Name Tournament with #FierceMadness' very own One Shining Moment below. And stay tuned for more on the reader-submitted bracket prize, plus the rhyme and reason behind the tourney's top monikers from those who created them.

Till next year!

-- Carly Helfand (email | Twitter) and Damian Garde (email | Twitter)