Amgen teams up for digital rehab app in Europe to prevent repeat heart attacks

Only one-third of Europeans who suffer heart attacks have access to cardiac rehabilitation services—and that stat has only grown worse during the pandemic. Amgen is looking to reverse the trend with a new app and suite of digital telehealth services that post-heart attack patients can access anywhere.

Called Rehab+, the platform created along with digital health company Liva Healthcare and supported by a group of EU healthcare partners offers patient assistance for a year after a heart attack, aiming to prevent recurrences. Right now, two in five Europeans who've had one heart attack will suffer another one.

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Rehab+ works by incorporating individualized services—personal coaching, community support, educational content and monitoring and tracking—to help patients make long-term changes.

“This partnership is part of our commitment to make cardiac rehabilitation accessible to more patients in the immediate aftermath of a heart attack,” Roman Stampfli, VP of marketing and innovation at Amgen, said in a press release, calling the project “an innovative digital tele-rehab solution that helps people establish long-lasting lifestyle changes.”

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Amgen Europe and Amgen Spain are leading the project while Liva Healthcare is providing the technology platform. Liva recently nabbed a €24.5 million investment to build out its business in digital health and lifestyle coaching to prevent and manage chronic disease. It currently has programs for prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes and obesity, along with heart disease management.

Rehab+ is part of Amgen’s broader cardiovascular efforts in patient care and outcomes. Its Optimise program tackles a range of initiatives to support healthcare providers and patients at risk of cardiovascular disease.