Allergan amps up #ActuallySheCan campaign with Tribeca festival films

Actually She Can campaign

Remember Allergan's ($AGN) hashtag-heavy, emoji-laden female empowerment campaign, #ActuallySheCan? It hasn't faded out since purple-haired spokes-character Violet first made her debut. On the contrary, it's about to take center stage--literally.

Allergan is partnering with Tribeca Digital Studios to create three short films that celebrate "remarkable" young women--and they'll be screened at the upcoming 2016 Tribeca Film Festival before appearing on the company's campaign website.

Created by female directors, the films take viewers on journeys with three women working to achieve their goals--from an up-and-coming Mexican-American chef trying to make a name for herself in New York City, to a hopeful participating in Alaska's Iditarod sled-dog race, to a young Brooklyn designer preparing to launch a collection during Fashion Week.

An image from Allergan's #ActuallySheCan campaign

The films are the latest effort from Allergan to convey that #ActuallySheCan is more than just another pharma campaign. The way the Dublin drugmaker sees it, it's also a vehicle for launching a dialogue around "modern female empowerment."

"Through the use of the dedicated hashtag #ActuallySheCan, the campaign has created a platform upon which women can express their own goals, as well as perpetuate a larger conversation around female achievement and well-being," the company said in a statement.

Of course, one piece of that empowerment is making decisions about contraceptives--and the campaign website still features a section on birth control options, including the company's own pill Lo Loestrin Fe and its IUD Liletta. Those products will soon be playing a larger role under the Allergan umbrella; the company is set to sell of its generics unit to Teva ($TEVA) in the near-term future, and Wednesday, Pfizer ($PFE) called off its proposed $160 billion merger with the company.

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