Agnitio Unveils Rainmaker, the Pharmaceutical Industry's Only Sales and Marketing Technology that Goes #BeyondCLM

Agnitio Unveils Rainmaker, the Pharmaceutical Industry's Only Sales and Marketing Technology that Goes #BeyondCLM

Rainmaker Activates CLM to Open Up New Possibilities for Effortless and Relevant
Engagement with Medical Professionals

Denmark, March 18, 2014 – Going beyond CLM (closed loop marketing) to deliver quality at every stage of engagement with medical professionals, Agnitio – the premier CLM software provider – today unveiled Rainmaker at the eyeforpharma Barcelona conference, March 18 - 20. Marking the next wave of clinician-centric digital communications, Rainmaker is a flexible technology developed for pharmaceutical companies to take their digital marketing initiatives to the next level by meeting the unique needs of individual medical professionals and their patients.

"Rainmaker frees pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams from the traditional sales and marketing model and empowers them to work in new ways that align with the realities of today's healthcare system," said Morten Hjelmsoe, Agnitio CEO and Founder. "We now have to make our engagement relevant and provide more value, and Rainmaker does just that by addressing the specific and unique needs of medical professionals and their patients."

Rainmaker is changing the pharmaceutical sales and marketing paradigm by helping to eliminate the once accepted practice of "pulling the trigger" on mass messages that are regularly issued to all medical professionals. Instead, Rainmaker works like a personalized content pipeline that runs straight to each medical professional, providing exactly what they and their patients need. By using Rainmaker to build a central repository of approved content that medical professionals can access when they need it and on the device of their choice, pharmaceutical companies can engage in a more meaningful way with medical professionals.

Customization Made Easy

Rainmaker began by first understanding the challenges that marketers face and the frustrations that they experience on a daily basis with current technologies. In response, Rainmaker helps eliminate the time, money and regulatory headaches pharmaceutical companies face when developing marketing materials for medical professionals. It also offers the ultimate in speed, flexibility, and control while seamlessly integrating into the workflow of any pharmaceutical sales and marketing team. An all-in-one, user-friendly, and platform agnostic system, Rainmaker offers pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams many benefits, including:

Personalized communication & services: Tailored engagement that gives each customer his or her own personal experience.

Responsive channels: Rainmaker is true multichannel. A customer may enter the system through regular e-detailing, then switch to a website or remote presentation to get more detailed information. Any combination is possible.
Healthcare professional support: Assists medical professionals' communication with their patients by enabling personalized and responsive resources for them and their families.

Painless updating: Content changes are achieved right from the user's screen, rather than needing to re-code material every time. This drastically reduces delivery times, costs, and allows for a quick response to market needs.

Fast localization: Content is effortlessly cascaded out to affiliates because all material is related and linked together. This makes localization much faster and helps ensure that materials are kept updated around the world.

Revolutionary user-interface: An exquisite graphical user-interface makes everything instantly clear. Rainmaker's revolutionary design makes even highly-advanced digital communications easier, simpler and so much faster.

Creative freedom: Rainmaker provides the creative freedom of a standalone app with the full control of a properly structured system. That means that Rainmaker opens up new possibilities for customer engagement while providing the controls needed to operate on a global level.

Testament to the impact Agnitio continues to have on the industry is its growing list of accolades. Last year the company was identified as one of the 50 mobile companies to watch by OnMobile, the leading business media brand for the entrepreneurial community in the Global Silicon Valley. The company's ongoing success has also resulted in the opening of new offices in Mexico and Japan. These new locations complement its global regional presence in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the U.S.

Hjelmsoe stated, "Ultimately Rainmaker allows for seamless mass communication that impacts at an individual level because of the unprecedented level of customization it affords while working within the industry's regulatory boundaries. It is also further validation that the technologies we develop are ahead of the pharmaceutical industry's communication curve and open the door for stronger and more meaningful relationships with medical professionals that were thought by the industry to be increasingly impossible."

About Agnitio
Agnitio helps life science companies generate effective relationships with medical professionals. The provider of the leading pull marketing software for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, Agnitio's system is implemented in more than 45 countries and 25 languages – and used by major pharmaceutical and medical device companies including Amgen, Allergan, Grünenthal, Roche, and Bayer.

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