WEIFA – Weifa proposes separation of Consumer Health and B2B

WEIFA – Weifa proposes separation of Consumer Health and B2B

Oslo, 13 March 2015 Weifa ASA (the "Company", ticker "WEIFA"), announces today that the Board of Directors will propose to separate the Company's consumer health and business-to-business ("B2B") operations through a sale of its B2B business and tablet production to Vistin Pharma, a newly established subsidiary of Weifa, which will seek listing on Oslo Axess.  

A separation will allow the two companies to pursue their own strategic agenda, and represents a logical step in creating two companies with clear investment stories:

  • Consumer Health – a pure consumer brand player with leading category positions

  • Vistin Pharma – a strong pharmaceutical investment case with key positions and growth potential in the international metformin and opioids market, and a strong fundament to create a highly efficient Contract Management Organisation (CMO).


-      Weifa is contemplating a sale of its B2B and tablet production (CMO) operations to the newly established company, Vistin Pharma

-      Vistin Pharma will conduct an equity issue of approx. NOK 170 million to finance the B2B acquisition and secure working capital and funds for growth 

-      The equity issue is fully guaranteed by primarily large existing shareholders of Weifa

-      All Weifa shareholders will receive tradable subscription rights in Vistin Pharma

The board of Weifa considers that the proposed separation is in the best interests of both Weifa and Vistin Pharma, and will result in a stronger future for both the current consumer health and API activities of the Company. In particular, the board of Weifa considers that the profile and potential risks and rewards of Vistin Pharma, as an API company, will be better understood as a standalone listed business. Weifa will continue its focus as a consumer health company.

The current CEO of Weifa, Kjell-Erik Nordby, will be appointed CEO of Vistin Pharma.

-      The board of Weifa considers that the separation is in the best interests of Weifa shareholders, and the board unanimously recommends shareholders to vote in favour of the separation at the general meeting to be held in mid-April, comments chairman Glen Ole Rødland of Weifa.

-      I look forward to collaborating with the board to further build upon the strong foundation set by Weifa. I am energized by the opportunity to continue leveraging the unique API facilities in Kragerø to expand the metformin, the opoids and the CMO businesses, comments CEO Kjell-Erik Nordby of Weifa.

The transaction:

The Board of Directors of Weifa has decided to call for an extraordinary general meeting to propose a sale of the Company's B2B and tablet production operations to a separate subsidiary of the Company (the "Business Sale"). The Company is in the process of establishing a new Norwegian public limited liability company for the purpose of being the holding company for the subsidiary, which will apply for listing of its shares on Oslo Axess. The name of the new holding company will be Vistin Pharma ASA ("Vistin Pharma"). To finance the acquisition of the Company's B2B operations and secure working capital and funds for future growth initiatives, Vistin Pharma will conduct an equity issue of approximately NOK 170 million (the "Equity Issue"). Approximately NOK 120 million of the proceeds from the Equity Issue will be paid to Weifa as consideration for the B2B business. Approximately NOK 50 million will remain in Vistin Pharma following the transaction. The Equity Issue is fully guaranteed primarily by large existing shareholders of Weifa. The underwriters will receive a guarantee commission of 2% of their guaranteed amount, subject to completion of the Equity Issue.

The proposed Business Sale will, inter alia, be conditional upon approval by an extraordinary general meeting of Weifa expected to be held in mid-April (the "EGM"), the preparation and signing of a sale and purchase agreement and a contract manufacturing agreement, and that the board of directors of Oslo Børs approves the listing of the shares issued by Vistin Pharma on Oslo Axess.

A prospectus for Vistin Pharma will be published prior to the subscription period for the Equity Issue, expected to commence in the middle of May, and an information memorandum for Weifa will be published pursuant to continuing obligations of stock exchange listed companies.  

Vistin Pharma ASA:

Vistin Pharma will be a leading international producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("API") for diabetes medicine (metformin) and opiates for use in pain relief and cough medicine. In addition, it will enter into a contract manufacturer agreement (CMO) with Weifa for the production of Weifa's key pain relief brands. The CMO agreement with Weifa will have a duration of five years with option for extension.  Vistin Pharma will further continue to develop its CMO business through its know-how, competencies and production capacity to attract new CMO agreements with external parties.

CEO Kjell-Erik Nordby will lead Weifa until Vistin Pharma is listed on Oslo Axess. From the same day, he will take over as CEO of Vistin Pharma.

Ole Enger will be the chairman in Vistin Pharma. Mr Enger is one of the most experienced professionals in the Norwegian manufacturing industry, and his previous experience includes positions as the CEO of both Elkem and REC.

Vistin Pharma will employ approximately 140 highly qualified people.

Vistin Pharma will at the time of listing have a solid capital structure with NOK 50 million in cash and no debt.

In connection with the underwriting of the Equity Issue, the Guarantors have received certain information regarding Vistin Pharma. In order to ensure equal information in the market, the Company hereby discloses the following information regarding full-year 2015 estimates for Vistin Pharma on a stand-alone basis:

-      Revenue:      NOK 387 million

-      EBITDA:        NOK 31 million

Note that these figures are management estimates and have not been and will not be subject to audit or review.

For further information please refer to the launch presentation attached.

Weifa ASA:

Weifa will continue to strengthen its category leading positions within consumer health ("over the counter" or "OTC"). Weifa's product portfolio includes well-known Norwegian brands such as Paracet, Ibux and Paralgin Forte.

Weifa will continue to pursue its strategy of being a category captain in pain relief and among the top three in the cough and cold category. Following the separation, Weifa will be well positioned to develop its position further and aim to be a pan-Nordic consumer health company.

VP Consumer Health, Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen, will take over as the CEO of Weifa, while Glen Ole Rødland will continue as chairman of the board.

The number of employees in Weifa following the Business Sale will be approximately 30.  

Equity Issue:

The Equity Issue will be completed in two tranches, i) a ~NOK 155 million tranche directed towards the existing shareholders of Weifa (the "Rights Offering"), and ii) a NOK 15 million tranche offered to employees and board members in Vistin Pharma (the "Employee Offering").

The Rights Offering will be directed towards the shareholders of Weifa, as per a date to be determined (the "Ex-Date"), such date to be following the EGM of Weifa to be held to approve the sale of B2B. The shareholders of Weifa will receive subscription rights in relation to their shareholding in Weifa as of the Ex-Date. One subscription right will give the right to subscribe for and be allocated one new share. The subscription rights will be tradable and oversubscription will be allowed.     

The Employee Offering will, in order to align the interest of employees and board with the interests of the shareholders, be directed towards the employees and board members of Vistin Pharma, at the same issue price as in the Rights Offering.

Indicative timeline and key events:

-      Extraordinary General Meeting Weifa: Mid-April

-      Last day of trading in the Weifa share inclusive the right to receive subscription rights in Vistin Pharma: Mid May

-      Subscription period: Latter part of May

-      Transferal of B2B from Weifa to Vistin Pharma: Early June 

-      First day of trading in the Vistin Pharma shares on Oslo Axess: Early June 

The indicative timeline is subject to adjustments.

Actions to be taken by Weifa shareholders:

Invitations to the EGM will be sent to all shareholders in due course. Shareholders as of the Ex-Date will also receive a letter containing information about the Rights Offering, including the number of subscription rights granted to each shareholder. The shareholders do not need to act prior to the subscription period for the Rights Offering which is anticipated to take place in the latter half of May, in order to subscribe for new shares.

Carnegie acts as sole financial advisor in connection with the Business Sale and the Equity Issue.

The launch presentation Vistin Pharma is attached, and will be made available on www.weifa.no/en/Investors.

Attachment: Launch presentation Vistin Pharma


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About Weifa ASA:

Weifa ASA has, through the acquisition of Weifa AS in August 2014, become Norway's leading fully-integrated pharmaceutical company and a major supplier of active ingredients to the international pharmaceutical industry. Weifa currently has approx. 180 employees, is headquartered in Oslo and has two manufacturing plants in Kragerø in southern Norway. Weifa's Consumer Health business holds well-known Norwegian brands such as Paracet, Ibux and Paralgin Forte.

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