We're keeping up with you

Welcome to the first of FiercePharma Manufacturing's two issues this week! Your email in-box on Thursday will contain issue #2.

George Miller, Fiercepharmamanufacuring Editor

We're upping the frequency for two reasons. First is the need to keep pace with developments in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing operations. In spite of the poor economy, we've seen the industry gain momentum since we launched last summer. Business collaborations, facility openings, manufacturing practice updates, and supply chain advances are coming at us too quickly and at too great a volume to warrant just once-a-week coverage.

Second, our subscriber rolls have grown beyond our expectations. Although that's not by itself an indicator for a frequency increase, it's been accompanied by a swell of interest and participation from manufacturing service providers, product vendors, and industry groups--all of whom have something they want to say to you.

So enjoy this first of two issues this week. And know that you'll get another briefing as the week comes to a close.