Vasogen absorbed; plants manufacturing vaccines;

> Beleaguered Vasogen, which in April suffered a clinical trial delay for its heart failure therapy Celacade that led to a massive layoff, is being acquired by IntelliPharmaCeutics. Release

> Tobacco plants are being used as vaccine manufacturing facilities to produce a drug that prevents norovirus, the dreaded cruise ship illness. The vaccine is one of several that researchers are targeting as they look for quick and efficient ways to bring vaccines to market. Article

> Versartis's lead drug candidate, a recombinant fusion protein for treating type 2 diabetes, will be produced in partnership with SynCo Bio Partners, a Netherlands-based contract manufacturer. The CMO will develop production process and optimize manufacturing for cGMP production. Release

> Nutritional supplements maker Herbalife is buying manufacturing assets from Micelle Laboratories, a contract manufacturer of supplements in powder, liquid, tablet and capsule forms. Article

>Such techniques as near infrared, Fourier transform infrared, mass spectroscopy and focused beam reflectance measurement are helping improve the control of pharmaceutical blending, granulation, drying and coating operations. Article