U.K.’s Torbay Pharmaceuticals debuts new $36M injectables manufacturing plant

Torbay Pharmaceuticals opens new $36 million injectables manufacturing plant.

Torbay Pharmaceuticals, a part of the Torbay and South Devon National Health System Foundation, opened its new $36 million manufacturing facility in Paignton, U.K.

The 78,000-square-foot plant will produce a variety of pharma products for NHS hospitals and its sterile facilities will allow for research and development of new and innovative medicinal products, devonlive reported.

The plant is the largest manufacturer of sterile products for the NHS and employs about 170 people. Torbay is known for manufacturing terminally sterilized injectable products.

"We are incredibly proud of Torbay Pharmaceuticals and all that they have achieved over the years,” Richard Ibbotson, chairman of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said. “Not only have they created a range of highly skilled career opportunities, but they generate income which directly supports the health and care of local people.”

The expansion, which began in 2013, was part of an effort to consolidate four separate in the region located in southwest England.

The plant has automated production lines, two autoclaves for sterilization and the ability to manufacture larger batch sizes.