Two injured from aerosol can explosion at Pharmasol plant

A small explosion and fire injured two at a Pharmasol plant.

Two workers at the Pharmasol manufacturing facility in Easton, Massachusetts, were injured when an aerosol can exploded and triggered a small fire last week.

The explosion early Thursday involved an aerosol makeup can that exploded after falling onto its side while it was in a shrink-wrapping machine, firefighters told the Examiner. The plant manufactures pharmaceuticals and personal-care products.

Heat from the shrink-wrap machine caused the pressurized contents in the can to explode, which then caused “a brief flash fire,” Easton Fire Chief Kevin Partridge said.

Two of the four workers in the area of the explosion and fire were injured, one suffering a burn on her arm and the second likely has minor burns to her face, he added.

The incident was the “the fourth or fifth” one of its kind this year, Partridge said, adding that the building appeared to be up to code.