Tech yields forecast, planning upgrades

Five strategies based on industry best practices can help pharma manufacturers improve forecast accuracy and manufacturing planning.

So says David Johnston, senior VP at JDA Software, who is scheduled to speak September 9, 2009, at 12:20 pm Eastern time during the Pharma Manufacturers Arena virtual event. Johnston will contend that pharmaceutical manufacturers can use supply chain solutions to grow a diversified global business, achieve collaborative visibility, reduce costs and improve profitability.

The strategies he will describe involve diversifying product portfolios; implementing robust demand management; embracing collaborative visibility; right-sizing inventory; and leveraging the power of an integrated sales and operations planning (S&OP) solution.

One example: After creating a technology-driven, centrally managed supply chain, says JDA, Merck Serono enjoyed a 20-percent reduction in stock levels and a decrease in manufacturing costs. The drug maker also gained a single view of demand across its supply chain and improved demand forecast accuracy.

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