Tamiflu oral and Thyrogen updates on short supply list

Among 8 drug shortages reported by the FDA on June 30 and July 1, 6 are injections, continuing at least part of the trend that most shortages involve generic injectables. Among the 8 are Thyrogen from Genzyme and Tamiflu for oral suspension from Genentech.

Genzyme reports temporary shipment delays of Thyrogen, its thyroid cancer treatment, though the product "has resumed shipment." The company says in a statement that U.S. shipments have resumed and it expects global shipments to resume this month. "Since we continue to work with extremely limited inventory, even minor changes to our current manufacturing plan can impact the timing of Thyrogen availability," the statement says.  The company says it expects temporary shipment delays and regional disparities in supply availability to continue. "Inventory remains limited due to ongoing Thyrogen manufacturing capacity constraints," the statement says, likely the result of operating under consent decree with the FDA for GMP violations.   

For Tamiflu, Genentech cites increased demand behind a shortage of the drug Tamiflu for oral suspension (12 milligrams per milliliter; 25 milliliters). The company says it expects to begin releasing the drug in mid-July.

The same dosage form was reported in short supply in January for the same reason.

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