Sun playing with GMP-violation fire; label changes drive flu vax delay;

> India-based Sun has again been slapped by the FDA for trouble in its U.S. business. Article

> Expect some flu vaccine delays now that three manufacturers are making label changes, warning U.S. healthcare providers that the syringe tip caps may contain natural rubber latex. Announcement

> A nuclear magnetic resonance technique underlies what Swedish researchers hope will become a small briefcase, into which pharmacists and customs officers can place a packet of tablets and a minute later find out whether the drug is authentic. Release

> Ombudsman programs and hotlines into neutral corporate territory, where individuals can confidentially report concerns, are ways to preserve the necessary independence of the QA group. Blog

> Bend Research has received a U.S. patent for its process that uses pressure nozzles to make spray-dried solid amorphous large-particle drug dispersions. Bend release