Sun Pharma the latest to recall metformin after carcinogen tests come up positive

Once cleared by the FDA of a probable carcinogen, generic diabetes med metformin has now been the target of a growing number of recalls. This week, a seventh drugmaker has joined the metformin recall parade after finding high levels of a potential cancer-causing contaminant.

Sun Pharma recalled one lot of its Riomet ER, an extended-release version of the common diabetes med, after testing showed high levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), the drugmaker said Wednesday.

The recalled lot contains 747 bottles of the drug with an expiration date of October 2021, Sun said in a release. 

Sun is now the eighth drugmaker to launch voluntary recalls of their versions of metformin after the FDA earlier this year found high levels of NDMA, a contaminant connected to global recalls of "sartan"-based heart pressure drugs and heartburn med Zantac, in tested lots. 

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