Stents a medical devices bright spot for 'Make in India'

One area in which the "Make in India" government effort may need to highlight further is the stents used by the nation's hospitals. Nearly half were made at home last year.

According to Cardiological Society of India data, 40% of the 310,190 stents reported to have been used in hospitals to treat 248,152 heart conditions carried the "Made in India" label.

Not all cases were reported, however. Other data showed that only 396 of the nation's 624 catheter laboratories contributed to the survey, according to the Economic Times.

The National Interventional Council said local-made was important because they offer a price advantage to the hospitals.

For India, the report was a good sign, coming as it did on the heels of a another report, by the FDA in the state of Maharashtra, which said imported stents were sold in the state at scalping prices, many by as much as 700% above import cost.

- here's the story from the Economic Times