Small New Jersey firm pushes further into sterile injectables

New Jersey-based Teligent, a small specialty generic pharmaceutical company, will expand its manufacturing facility, giving it the capacity to quadruple its production.

The company will spend about $50 million to add 110,000 of space to its facility in the Atlantic City area. Peter Gallagher, Teligent’s vice president of strategic affairs, told the the press of Atlantic City, that the company expects the project to be complete next year, allowing it to double employment to about 200 people by 2018.  

Teligent will expand packaging and production, including adding a  sterile injectable manufacturing suite. The company last fall bought Canada-based Alveda Pharmaceuticals for $35.4 million, moving into the sterile injectables market in Canada.  

Teligent reported 2015 revenues of $44.3 million.

- read the press of Atlantic City story

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