Service calculates API-making costs for generics

Thomson Reuters and Rondaxe Enterprises have joined forces to help drugmakers determine--within 5 to 10 percent--the API manufacturing costs for generics and other drugs. The cost estimating service targets those who are evaluating contract manufacturing organizations, conducting due diligence for facility acquisitions, or performing a competitive analysis of multiple generic manufacturers.

The service combines patent-disclosure information with the Rondaxe CoGS (cost of goods sold) software to calculate manufacturing costs, according to Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine. Rondaxe says the estimates are accurate even in cases in which many alternative synthesis routes and starting materials may be used.

The patent information comes from Thomson Reuters' Newport service. The Rondaxe software helps decipher the manufacturing processes details and requirements. The software is an offshoot of a program sold by Rondaxe to manufacturers for their own cost estimating.

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