ScinoPharm to Provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient for Newly Launched Antiepileptic Drug Trokendi XR(TM) in the US

ScinoPharm to Provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient for Newly Launched Antiepileptic Drug Trokendi XR(TM) in the US

TAINAN, Sept. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd. (TSE: 1789.TW) announced that its Tainan, Taiwan Facility provides commercial manufacturing of topiramate active pharmaceutical ingredient ("API") for Trokendi XR(TM), a novel once-daily extended release formulation of topiramate for the treatment of epilepsy that was developed and recently launched by Supernus Pharmaceuticals in the U.S. market. Supernus received approval to market Trokendi XR(TM) by the United States Food and Drug Administration in August 2013.

Epilepsy is a chronic central nervous disease wherein the sudden abnormal release of electrical impulses by neurons causes temporary disorder in brain function. Unlike other antiepileptic drugs (AED) that require multiple doses, Trokendi XR(TM) is a novel once-daily extended-release formulation designed to improve compliance and reduce blood level fluctuations that can be associated with side effects and breakthrough seizures. According to the data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 2 million epilepsy sufferers in the US. The new drug is expected to attract market attention after being offered to the public.

"ScinoPharm is proud of our longstanding partnership with Supernus. We are committed to providing Supernus and our other customers with high quality APIs, combining with a flexible, reliable, and competitive approach," remarked Dr. Jo Shen, President and CEO of ScinoPharm.

ScinoPharm offers a wide range of product lines. Other than capturing API market in oncological drugs, product portfolio of central nervous system has also made outstanding progress. The company partners with other leading pharmaceutical companies for industrial manufacturing of new and existing drugs. With CGMP-compliant facilities at gram to ton scales, ScinoPharm has worked on over 70 new chemical entity projects with 5 new drugs (including Trokendi XR(TM)) already approved by the US FDA and 5 more entering Phase III clinical trials.

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