SAFC opens $30M API facility

Sigma-Aldrich company SAFC has opened a $30-million expansion to its Madison Manufacturing facility in Verona, WI. The facility increases custom manufacturer's capacity to produce high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The 51,000 square-foot expansion complements the company's existing 63,000 square-foot facility. The addition houses commercial-scale reactors capable of batch sizes to 4,000 liters, a 10x capacity increase over the older plant.

The new space caters to drug manufacturers involved with Phase III and commercial high-potency API needs. It features Safebridge design and containment engineering, and adheres to Category IV standards, the highest for high-potency API handling and containment. The facility includes a 150-liter mini-processing plant and two large-scale cGMP manufacturing suites.

With the expansion, SAFC is growing its presence among a growing number of high-potency API suppliers. As we've reported, Compass Pharma Services, Helsinn and DSM Pharmaceuticals are among those who have made high-potency manufacturing facility and certification announcements in the last year.

- take a look at Sigma-Aldrich's announcement

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