Roche deals API plants in SC, CO

Roche Carolina has returned money given by the state of South Carolina to keep open its 300,000-square-foot facility in Florence. The drugmaker announced late last year that it might close the plant. But it was apparently swayed by a $500,000 state incentive and said in June that it would keep the plant open for "at least a few more years," according to

But Roche returned the money late last week, and officials hope the funds can be used elsewhere (or by Florence itself in the future). The plant, which employs about 300, manufactures the active ingredients for Tamiflu and Xeloda, a chemotherapy drug. 

The FDA listed Tamiflu for oral suspension in short supply last month and in January.

And in Boulder, CO, last week, International Chemical Investors Group said it plans to acquire Roche Colorado, which includes a pharma production facility. Some 265 development and manufacturing personnel staff the site, which Roche bought in 1994.

ICIG will operate the site as part of its Corden Pharma unit.

Under terms of the transaction, Corden will supply Roche with APIs currently made at the facility. It aims to meet the drugmaker's demand for "commercial scale peptides and other medicinal compounds," according to the Boulder County Business Report. The workforce is expected to remain intact.

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