Reports only see onward and upward for medical devices in China

China can expect the past two decades of "high-speed growth" in its medical-equipment market to become three decades, building in part on a current value of $34.65 billion.

According to Research and Markets, China's production and demand will continue to grow through 2025. It cited the "fast-pace" growth of the previous decade.

In a separate report focusing on China's market for orthopedic devices, the research company put that sector's overall profit at $296 million at the end of 2014. Driving the orthopedics market were sales of prostheses, artificial organs and implantable devices, the report said.

The future of the industry in China lies to a great extent on its past that the report said was stimulated by steady increases in industrial output, imports and exports, consumer consumption and capital investment.

One of the reports put China's device market $34.65 billion market as of 2013, nearly 12 times its value 13 years earlier in 2001 when it had not yet reached $3 billion. The China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association, which samples the industry, reported sales of $41.77 billion in 2014, a 20% increase over the previous year.

At the end of that year, the orthopedics segment was valued at $1.5 billion, up from 22% the previous year, its gross profit rate 50.4% and its debt to assets ratio 44.3%. Those figures were reflected in a constant reduction of loss-making companies, the research report said.

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