Repackager mistakenly puts some ibuprofen bottles into naproxen boxes

Another packaging snafu has the FDA warning consumers to carefully check the over-the-counter pain meds they buy at Dollar Tree stores because they may have gotten ibuprofen when they intended to buy naproxen.

According to an FDA Medwatch alert, drug repackager Contract Packaging Resources is voluntarily recalling 11,640 boxes of Assured brand naproxen sodium tablets in the 220-mg dose because some of the cartons actually contain bottles of 200-mg ibuprofen softgels instead. The products were sold nationally through Dollar Tree stores and the Dollar Tree website, it said.

The FDA points out that some consumers purposely avoid taking ibuprofen because of concerns over allergic reactions, or because their medical conditions. While there have been no reports of any adverse reactions, the FDA points out that allergic reactions can range from hives to anaphylaxes, which has the potential to be fatal.

There have been a number of recalls in recent months for similar problems. In July, American Health Packaging, a unit of wholesaler and drug services company AmerisourceBergen, recalled one lot of 600-mg ibuprofen tablets in a hospital unit dose presentation and one lot of 300-mg oxcarbazepine tablets because there was a chance that tablets of each may have gotten in blister packs for the other.

Mylan ($MYL) is recalling nearly 16,000 bottles of metoprolol succinate, a generic of AstraZeneca's ($AZN) hypertension drug Toprol XL, after a pharmacist reported a "rogue tablet of different size and markings in a bottle of metoprolol."

- here's the FDA announcement