QA: more than an umpire; Four children dead following measles vaccination;

> Though the QA department must not allow the cost of a batch to influence its release decision, it needs to do more than call balls and strikes. Blog

> A suspected cold chain breach, which has led to the suspension of six healthcare workers, is thought to be behind the deaths of four children in India following a measles vaccination. Article

> REMS fine-tuning has become a common reasons for new drug delays. Report

> As much as two percent of all prescription drugs for sale in the U.S. have bypassed the FDA drug approval process and are therefore unapproved. Article

> Dr. Reddy's is deploying the PAS-X manufacturing execution system from Werum Software at its site in Bachupally, Hyderabad. Dr. Reddy's release

And Finally... Top Counterfeit Drugs Report. Article