Pushing past electronic batch records

George Miller, FierceBiotech ITFinding an easy method to extract data from the various information sources required to build an electronic master batch record may not be the holy grail of pharma manufacturing. Nor is it as glamorous as the let's-start-over-from-scratch, eight-figure effort to reinvent pharma manufacturing initiated in 2007 by Novartis and MIT. But it may nonetheless provide a major efficiency boost to a time-consuming manufacturing step.

For those who are not at the center of a revolutionary drug-making initiative, incremental manufacturing improvements can play an important role in the profitability of a product line or a company. Unless you're actively involved in reinventing the pharma manufacturing wheel, consider getting involved in efficiency efforts talking place outside your facility but that offer the potential for far quicker internal results.

As reported earlier, one such effort focuses specifically on the building of the MBR, a "primary cost ingredient in manufacturing pharmaceutical products," according Michael McClellan at consultancy Collaboration Synergies, who is leading the effort. Doing so may cost you some time in data collection and on the phone, but the return on that investment is likely to be more easily, and much more quickly, realized. Reach Mike at [email protected].

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