Pharma makes top-counterfeits list

Pharmaceuticals occupy the eighth spot on a 24/7 Wall Street list of the 10 most counterfeited products sold in the U.S. The list stems from data generated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection unit.

CBP seized more than $11 million in fake drugs in 2009, most of which came from China. Drugs also represent the majority (86 percent) of counterfeit goods from India.

Pharmaceuticals top the CBP's category of safety or security risks. Other commodities in this category are electrical items and such technology components as networking equipment and semiconductor devices.

In another list, an investment news group places counterfeiting in general in the fourth spot among the 12 most profitable international crimes. Drugs join internationally accepted U.S. currency in this category.

- here's the counterfeits list
- and here's the most profitable crimes list
- see the GFI crimes report

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