Pfizer sizes up Russia for opportunities; GAO reports 'lessons' from 2009 pandemic response;

> Pfizer and Russian investor/R&D group ChemRar will explore a collaboration focused on drug research, development and commercialization drugs in Russia and other countries. Article

> A GAO report provides "yet another review of lessons" from the government's response to the H1N1 influenza pandemic, including ongoing spending of the $6.15 billion appropriated. Story

> Delaware is part of a 38-state settlement with GlaxoSmithKline that resolves allegations of substandard manufacturing processes. Article

> PharmAthene says it has achieved a tech milestone in its recombinant anthrax vaccine program: initial technology transfer at the 100-liter scale of its manufacturing process for SparVax to Diosynth in RTP, NC.  PharmAthene announcement

> Document management solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers are the object of a partnership between NextDocs and Danish IT consultancy NNIT. NextDocs release

> U.K. healthcare logistics specialist Movianto has expanded its cold chain and narcotics handling facility at its Bedford base. Item

> Hyderabad-based Goose has launched Procon Tracker, a track/trace solution to meet regulatory packaging guidelines and detect counterfeits. Goose release