Pall, Sartorius deals advance disposable bioreactors

Single-use technology users continue to enjoy supplier pairings that enhance bioprocess efficiency while bringing disposables a capability step closer to stainless steel systems. Pall and New Brunswick have teamed to combine the former's single-use biocontainer with the latter's controller system. Separately, Sartorius Stedim Biotech has re-upped with ATMI for continued marketing and distribution of ATMI's Magnetic Mixer and LevMixer systems.

By adding the CelliGen bioprocess controller system, Pall is extending the range of its Allegro disposable bioreactor's upstream application capabilities to span process development through full-scale cGMP production. 

For Sartorius Stedim, the addition of the mobile Magnetic Mixer system brings aggressive mixing capabilities--for buffer and media preparation, as well as final product formulation--to various bioprocessing volumes. Sartorius also retains its rights for the single-use LevMixer system, which levitates and drives a single-use impeller inside sterile bags. Its uses include liquid-to-liquid applications in downstream purification and sensitive formulation steps.

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