Packaging to carry Braille; process simulation yields big savings;

> In 2010, European packages containing pharmaceuticals must have Braille embossing to identify the contents. Article

> Sanofi-aventis has implemented Lanner's process simulation software at a U.K. facility, following a pilot implementation that yielded $1.65 million in inventory cost savings in six months. Release

> Australian drug maker and distributor Sigma Pharmaceuticals is acquiring some pharmaceutical brands and a manufacturing facility from Bristol-Myers Squibb for $60 million. Item

> PPT VISION has unveiled a right-angle camera and software for high-speed vial inspection, label inspection and optical character recognition. Machine vision software secures user IDs and provides password control for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. Release

> By year's end, it's possible that the FDA will publish a finalized Process Validation Guidance for Industry that will put drug makers and regulators on the same page for principles and approaches in validating manufacturing processes. Article