NextSource brings back Lomustine, the brain cancer drug that BMS stopped making

Last year when Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) decided to stop manufacturing CeeNu (lomustine), an oral chemotherapy drug for treating primary and metastatic brain cancer, the FDA immediately added it to its shortage list. But the drug is now off the list because NextSource Biotechnology, a company that takes over manufacturing and marketing of mature and orphan drugs, has brought it back to the market. The Miami company says Lomustine (CCNU) is being manufactured by the same contractor that Bristol-Myers used, CordenPharma. The specialty drug company also put out a warning to compounding pharmacies that have been making the drug during the shortage that their services are no longer appreciated, at least by NextSource. "(T)here is no longer a need for continued use of the unregulated compound equivalent product. Pharmacies currently compounding this product are doing so against the FDA Code of Federal Regulations," it claimed. Release