Missing drivers in Pfizer drug heist found safe; Pharmacists stop complaining about shortages;

> Two truck drivers, missing for four days following the theft of Pfizer medicines in cargo-theft hot spot Russia last week, have been found unharmed. Article

> The U.K. National Pharmacy Association says drug shortages are now so routine that fewer pharmacists complain about them. Story

> Pharma is one industry that will benefit from the U.K. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's $83 million funding of nine centers for innovative manufacturing. Story

> The 3,500 foreign drug-making plants in 2008 represent a 185 percent increase over the 1,200 facilities in 2001. Column

> Prices of brand name prescriptions are climbing rapidly, reaching the steepest rate of the decade last year. Article

> Among the reasons for failure of the measles vaccine in Islamabad are frequent power outages and poor monitoring and functioning of the vaccine cold chain. Article

> Scotland's Life Sciences Advisory Board says the country can double the turnover of its life sciences sector by 2020 by attracting inward investment and strengthening its supply chain. Story

> Eli Lilly said last week that patients should not use the alcohol prep pads made by the Triad Group that are contained in starter kits for Forteo in the U.S. Lilly release

> Pharma supply chain consortium Rx360 has developed a slide deck summary of the counterfeit medicine amendments to Directive EC 2001/83/EC that were recently adopted by the European Parliament. Slide deck

> Shire continues to ply the opening created by Genzyme's manufacturing troubles, offering new data to show the safety of switching to two of its rare disease drugs--Vpriv and Replagal--from Genzyme's Cerezyme and Fabrazyme. Story