Medicines Company, APP settlement includes manufacturing agreement

A fill/finish manufacturing agreement is part of the settlement between The Medicines Co. ($MDCO) and APP Pharmaceuticals ($APPX) over generic versions of The Medicines Co.'s lead product, Angiomax. In an SEC filing, The Medicines Co. said it would pay $30 million to license some APP drugs. It also said The Medicines Co. will buy from APP "a specified minimum percentage of its requirements for Angiomax finished product for sale in the U.S. at a fixed price per vial supplied and reimburse APP for specified development costs and capital expenditures made by APP." The fill/finish agreement is slated to end May 1, 2019--the date upon which APP has been granted a license to launch a generic version of the anticoagulant--but may be extended for two years at the option of The Medicines Co. The generic could be launched earlier under certain specific circumstances and could include an authorized generic version that would be supplied by The Medicines Co. Story